Bottega del Vino means ‘wine store’  - a nod to our founder’s Italian heritage.

Bottega del Vino means ‘wine store’ - a nod to our founder's Italian heritage.

Bottegas across Italy make everyone feel part of their families - sharing wine from the most unexpected places. We at Bottega del Vino give you that same welcome.

And after decades of scouring global cellars for the best wines, talking with winemakers in their vineyards or homes - Bottega del Vino now imports an exclusive range of superb wines into Australia. We use refrigerated containers to ensure these wines reach your doorstep, anywhere in Australia, in pristine condition. Just as the winemaker intended.

We also offer a range of outstanding Australian wines, sourced directly from the winemakers.

Bottega del Vino offers access to highly sort after single vineyard iconic wines prior to general release dates. So you can find the ultimate gift ideas exclusive only to our customers.

So sit back and enjoy the fruits of our discoveries. We are excited to share these drops with you – so you in turn can relax at home, with friends, or whenever you like knowing all the hard work is done for you.

We also host fabulous wine events from time to time, so we can share our wines with in person.

The essence of Bottega del Vino

Every bottle of wine tells a story. We curate a diverse, handpicked collection that showcases the artistry, dedication, and innovation of winemakers from renowned vineyards and boutique estates alike. Each wine we offer is a testament to the terroir, history, and craftsmanship behind it.

Our commitment to quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our philosophy. Every wine wine offer you is carefully selected, tasted and evaluated by our wine experts. We offer only the finest vintages, varietals, and blends, ensuring that every sip you take transports you to the vineyards, cellars, and landscapes where these delicious wines were crafted.

Exceptional service

We understand that choosing the perfect wine can be a personal, intimate experience. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through your journey. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of wine, we provide expert advice, recommendations, and personalised service to enhance your wine-drinking experience.

We believe that the joy of wine is best when shared, and nvite you to join us in celebrating the beauty of this age-old tradition. Through tastings, events, and educational resources, we aim to deepen your appreciation of wine and help you discover new horizons in the world of viniculture.

Thank you for choosing Bottega del Vino as your provider of exceptional wines. We look forward to sharing our passion and helping create memorable wine experiences.